Vision Statement:  Our church’s ministry centers on being visible in the community in order to reach out to and serve the poor and disenfranchised among us. The church strives to show compassion and humility while evangelizing in the community. First Presbyterian Church is instrumental in the development, support, and operation of two leading community ministries, Good Samaritan and All God’s Children. These ministries are housed outside of the church building in order to better serve those who benefit from these missions. Throughout the year, members spearhead food drives as well as gift-giving for those in need. In addition, many of our members are at work in the community serving on various boards, working for charitable organizations, and assisting local missions to better the lives of at-risk adults and youth. Finally, our church supports a number of charitable missions around the world through our endowment funds and congregational giving.

Brief History Highlights

Since 1956, we have provided Manchester with community and worship in the Reformed Tradition.

Some Details about us...

  • We are a congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination.

  • We are multigenerational.

  • Our Church membership is 73 and we average 43 worshippers on Sunday mornings.

  • We have Sunday school class for adults, youth and children.

  • Middle School Youth are working toward confirmation.

  • We are about to celebrate our 60th anniversary as a congregation.

  • We are debt free.

  • There are other things that are true about us.