Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your church?

We are the pretty little church on the corner of Summer and Jackson in Manchester, TN. You see us every time you pull in or out of the Food Lion parking lot.

What should I wear?

Most of our congregants dress casually. You might see a few men in ties and a few women in dresses, but you will also notice that some worshipers are in jeans. The rest will be somewhere in-between. Wear what you find most comfortable, and join us to worship!

What will happen when I arrive?

You will see two friendly folks standing on the front sidewalk greeting all who enter, and they will greet you, too. You will be given a bulletin that outlines the steps of the worship service, and you will be directed to the sanctuary. Sit anywhere you like; we have no “reserved” seats. While you are waiting on the service to begin, fill out the visitor’s card in the pew rack. You can place it in the collection plate later.

What takes place during the worship service?

As part of the reformed tradition, our worship service follows a particular order that is outlined in your bulletin. Every part of the worship service is designed for an audience of one - God! You will notice that He alone is the focus of our worship. During our service, you will hear the Word of God proclaimed, and it is our hope that you leave our church uplifted and renewed.

Do I have to stand up and introduce myself?

The answer is a resounding NO! At no point will you be singled out as a visitor or newcomer.  After the service, we hope that you follow the crowd into the fellowship hall for cookies and coffee so that we can introduce ourselves to you.

What about my children?

We love them! They can join you in the sanctuary and take part in worship, too. We have a moment for young disciples toward the beginning of the service if they would like to join the other children. If they aren't comfortable doing that, it is certainly fine! If you have a young baby, yay! Bring that baby right on in, those cries are coming from the future of the church. If you are more comfortable with nursery care during services, we have that available, too. Just let the greeters know what you need.

If there is communion on the Sunday I attend, what should I do?

Communion is the Lord's table, not a Presbyterian table. All baptized believers are invited to join us in communion.