We gather every Sunday for worship at 11:00am.  All are invited and welcome to join us for worship.   

Our worship service is liturgical, and yet flexible.  It is traditional, and yet flexible.  We consider worship to be participatory, with God alone as the audience.  So come and sit in our pews, but don't be surprised if we wont let you get away with just sitting there.


Each Sunday of the month has a typical theme

1st Sunday - All God’s Children Sunday (Snacks for the after-school program) 

2nd Sunday - Peanut Butter Sunday  (Peanut butter, especially creamy, is a staple for Good Samaritan.)

3rd Sunday - Lunch after Church

4th Sunday - Halt Hunger 

5th Sunday – Hymnsing during worship


All those worshiping with us, who are baptized, are invited to join us at the Lord's Table

First Sunday of Every Month

Maundy Thursday (Thursday before Easter)


Christmas Eve



Regularly Scheduled Events

Sundays:    Presbyterian Women Council - 8:30 am (Last Sun)     

Choir Practice – 9:00 am       

Coffee and Fellowship - 9:30 am

Church School  - 10:00 am

Worship  - 11:00 am

Coffee and Fellowship - following Worship

Lunch - following Worship (3rd Sun)

Session  - following worship (4th Sun)

Youth at FPC Manchester 5-6:30pm

Mondays:          BSP Sorority 1-3pm (4th Mondays)

Wednesdays:     Circle - 10:00 am (1st Wed)

                         Youth Group at FPC Tullahoma

                                    4-5:30pm – Middle School

6-8pm – High School

Thursdays:         NAMI 6:30-8:30pm (1st Thursday)

                          One Day of Hope Planning 6:30-8:30pm (3rd Thursdays)